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Variants Of Online Bingo

Bingo has been around for 500 years, although it has of course been some developments since the sixteenth century! It was in Italy that this game was born, before arriving in France two centuries later. In both countries, even a popular success and even opposition of the Church. Very quickly the game will spread across the continent and will evolve rapidly to give a version very close to the current version 90 ball that we know today.

At the time, obviously, this game was not yet the name we know today! Do you know from where the word "Bingo". There are a hundred years, this game landed in the United States, where he was known as the "Beano", in reference to red bean whose players were using to check their cards. It is said that in the late 1920s, a player one day shouted "Bingo" instead of the usual "Beano" .

And thus was born our Bingo! A certain Edwin Lowe heard this new term and decided to promote it. With the mathematician Carl Leveler, they decided to develop a totally random set of cards so that a single player can be the winner at a party. And with success: the game becomes more popular again and again, until today!

Currently, thousands of games of bingo are played daily, the United States and around the world and at all levels. And in recent years, of course, one can also play quietly from his living room, thanks to the Internet. It is also one of the most played games online. Whether you want to learn more about this exciting board game or want to find a bingo game to play safe, you're in the right place! Because it is not always easy to find in the mountains of information and sites that exist on the Internet, we wanted to clear brush and put everything at your disposal the results of our research. According to our observations, it appears that some bingo games come out squarely in the lot. These are the games that we present here. It'll just pick your favorite ... Happy reading and good game!