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The Roll of the Shooter

The Shooter is the name given to the man or woman responsible for rolling the dice in the kasyno online game of Craps. Each player involved in the game will be a nominated Shooter at one time or another, but if you would prefer to stay out of the limelight then you can just pass on the opportunity to roll. The roll comes to an end once the Shooter rolls a seven.

The dice should always be held in one hand, and that hand must be kept away from the edge of the table. When the dice are rolled they must both hit the back end wall of the table. If one, or both, of the dice leaves the table the shooter will be asked to select different dice to play the next round with. Superstitious shooters can insist of keeping the same dice, but they will have to pass the inspection of The Boxman first.

The recreational gambler will have a lot of fun throwing the dice any, which way they choose. Some blow a little hot air on them, some kiss them and others pass them to someone else to kiss. But there are a class of Craps players who call themselves Dice Setters and they have a particular way of rolling. There is a method known as the lock grip where the configuration of the dice are created and then held in the Shooters hand one on top of the other. The Shooter then pretends to shake the dice before continuing to roll. The dice setters believe these types of rolls favour them in the long run. Others believe it is just an olds wives tale no different than kissing them or blowing air.